“” is a webpage that is owned by the travel agency Geotravel. Geotravel is a licenced by the Greek national tourism organization travel agency that is operating in Greece and its address is 2A Dionysiou Farazouli Egio. The travel agency is operating since 2006. This webpage is a Greek travel guide that is presenting for the moment 21 areas in Greece and it will in time cover all Greece. The webpage is in English language and some parts are translated into German and Russian. It is the purpose of the editor to contain a total of 60 regions and to translate all of them to German and Russian. The webpage aims to give brief but full enough information for the visitor of each area. The potential visitor after leaving this site should have a good idea about the area that he wishes to visit and he or she may know all the most important sights, beaches and entertainment options that each area has to offer for example all the forementioned information exists for santorini and mykonos.

This webpage also has another goal and the goal is to give to the people that operate tourist businesses in Greece a stand to present their business. This can be done by advertising in the webpage with a banner. The banners used will be a short presentation of each business. The tourist professional will have the opportunity at a low and reasonable cost to present its business to the public, which will be English speaking people all over the world and in many cases German speaking people and Russian speaking people. All kinds of tourist businesses can be promoted through this page. It can be a restaurant, a café, a bar, a hotel, a rent a car business or even a real estate company. People interested in Greece will go through this page and the advertised will have a chance to make their business known and to increase their sales and clientele.

The data used in this page are very recent and the page visitor can get all the up to date information. There is a dialog box in the webpage in which the tourists can ask their questions and queries about anything and any questions about Greece or any region of Greece will be answered if possible. If there is anything that the editors of this page do not know we will get back to you with an e-mail providing the information you want. It is the aim of this page to become a reference for every visitor of Greece and to provide all the useful information that a visitor may need prior to visiting Greece.

Geotravel is primarily a travel agency so it is possible for the tourists to make whatever travel arrangements they wish through our travel agency. Our agency is in position to provide ferry tickets, airplane tickets, hotel accommodations and tours in the area that the visitor wishes. Geotravel wishes to transfer it’s know how, acquired in servicing the needs of the Greek tourists, to the overseas visitors that wish to travel to Greece.

Summarizing, the aim of this page is to unite the travel demand for reliable businesses that provide tourist services with the supply of these services. The tourist is provided with a brief travel guide for greece holidays that can give him a good idea of the area that he wishes to visit. The travel professional has a stand to communicate his message to the tourist and inform him about the services available in the area that the tourist wishes to visit. In many cases short tips are given in every area. An example of this is, in which area to stay, which are the family beaches, where to shop for what, et cetera.

The webpage can also help the visitor who wants to come to Greece but doesn’t know which area to visit, particularly where to go in the greek islands. The webpage is presenting in an organized manner everything that each region has to offer, making the decision of the potential tourist easier.